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Charlene Johnson

Romance Author


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Circle of the Red Scorpion Central

The Circle of the Red Scorpion is an erotic paranormal romance series.  It tells the story of an elite team of paranormal warriors and their friends combine their unique skills to protect humans from evil forces that live among them and maneuver through the ups and downs of life and love.  Being a paranormal doesn't make love any easier.


Pursued Submitted To Publisher!!!

Pursued, Book 6 in my Circle of the Red Scorpion Series has been submitted to my publisher. The book features Moses Thorne, an elemental hybrid demon. It should be released in the first quarter of 2023 depending on my publisher's schedule.

Pursued concludes storylines from Awakened, Book 5, and Damned, Book 1 in the spin-off series, Circle of the Red Scorpion World.


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Books in the Circle of the Red Scorpion Series
Shattered Audiobook Cover.jpg
Book 1
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Shattered is an erotic paranormal thriller that weaves an intricate web of events involving a playboy pop singer, a romance writer, and an unrelenting vampire. It features an unquenchable thirst for blood, an obsession that spans two decades and love beyond measure. 


Drake Devereaux, haunted by a tragedy in his past has avoided the trappings of love most of his life. Ebony Jordan is a romance writer who wants to find the kind of love she writes about in her books – the love story her parents never had.


Solomon Blackwell, a Rogue vampire sees Ebony one night and is reminded of the lover he lost and vows to make her his own. Drake and Ebony meet by chance and forge an unforgettable connection. 


As Drake and Ebony’s relationship heats up, Drake realizes he’s falling in love. Instead of embracing it, he allows his fear to drive him away from the one woman who can heal him.


After months of being apart, Ebony’s attempt to reach out to Drake ends with a heartbreaking discovery and an unexpected accident that nearly ends her life.  Faced with another tragedy, Drake finds out what is truly important. 


As Drake and Ebony plan a life together, Solomon plots to possess her and shatter their love forever.

Book 2
29435-8 (4).png

In Avenged, Broderick Devereaux receives an invitation to his son, Drake’s wedding, and he decides to make a last-ditch effort to repair their broken relationship. 

When Solomon Blackwell, the Rogue vampire who was instrumental in destroying his life two decades ago, sets his sights on Drake’s wife, Ebony; he vows not to allow history to repeat itself. He knows better than anyone that Blackwell will stop at nothing to possess her.

To protect her and his son, Broderick must tell Drake the shocking family secret he’s withheld from him his whole life.
Drake and Ebony are living the life they both dreamed of until Ebony vanishes.


As Solomon initiates his daring plan, Broderick, Drake, and the Circle of the Red Scorpion race against time to find Ebony and stop the Rogue vampire from destroying Drake’s life.

A fierce battle between the two factions comes to a surprising end, and the shocking conclusion of Avenged brings Broderick to his knees. Can his team help him stop the new menace threatening to destroy the world?

Dawned Audiobook.jpg
Book 3
29435-8 (12).png

Dawned, is the love story that started it all.

Deep in the forest, Broderick Devereaux found her so unexpectedly and was instantly mesmerized.

He was the dark, handsome stranger Elise Munro dreamed of but never thought she’d find.


Despite their differences, Broderick and Elise started a life together and thought they had it all.  But internal demons and secrets threatened to destroy their happiness. 

While Elise was becoming a celebrated artist, Broderick tirelessly fought to put Solomon Blackwell, a ruthless sociopath and wealthy businessman who befriended his wife behind bars.  Putting Solomon in prison became Broderick’s obsession as his relationship with his wife imploded.  Was Solomon behind the chasm that separated them?

Broderick and Elise loved each other but was their love enough?

Book 4
29435-8 (6).png

In Returned, Broderick and Elise were finally rekindling their relationship after being apart for decades when she is taken from the balcony of their family home.  He suspects Elijah, an ancient Mayan vampire is the one who took her.  He is the vampire who found her in the forest after her transformation and taught her everything she needed to know about her new vampire life. 

Finding out any information about Elijah has proven to be problematic.  There is no written record of his existence. 

A series of shocking revelations brings Broderick and his team closer to finding Elijah and Elise.

But Elise is not the only one who has been taken.  Weres from across multiple were communities are also missing.

The fate of Elise and the missing weres comes down to the self-sacrifice of a single were-jaguar.

Will the love story Broderick and Elise fought so hard for end here?

Book 5
29435-261 (4).png

2021 Book Excellence Award Finalist
2021 Literary Titan Silver Award Winner

In Awakened, fierce warrior, Dhampir and Pureblood royalty, Dominic Rinaldi had everything but the one thing he desired - someone to awaken his heart. For centuries, he conquered Rogues, Purebloods, and other preternatural creatures. There was always another battle to be won.

After another long hunt, he decided it was time settle down, only to be betrayed in the cruelest way by his Pureblood girlfriend.

Heartbroken, Dominic gave up on finding love until he rescued a beautiful human from a vampire he thought long dead.

Chantelle Mallory was the woman he’d been looking for. The connection between them was immediate and sizzled with heat but would she be able to accept what he was? There were things in life even love couldn’t overcome.

As Dominic struggled with his feelings for Chantelle, a new threat emerged that would shift the balance of power within the entire vampire species forever.

29435-261 (3).png

A Circle of the Red Scorpion Christmas


A tree lighting celebration in Port Angeles leads to the disappearance of Drake and Ebony’s young twins. The team suspects a paranormal being in a Santa Claus suit is the culprit. 


Will the Circle of the Red Scorpion find the twins before Christmas?

Be My Valentine

Secret Admirer


“Want to make a wager, demon?”

“On what?”

“That I’ll have a beautiful, sexy Valentine’s Day date before you.”

“You’re on, wolfman.”

Watching Nick leave the rec room, Moses’ smile fell, and he slumped on the leather couch. He had no clue who he was going to ask out for Valentine’s Day, but he’d never let Nick know it.

Want to binge read the first four books in the series?
Circle of the Red Scorpion, Volume 1
Exclusively on Kindle 
New Spin-off Series!!!!
Circle of the Red Scorpion World Series
Book 1
29435-1 (14).png

2022 Book Excellence Award Finalist 
2022 Literary Titan Gold Award Winner

When Archangel Michael discovers a demon pierced the veil into another realm, he assigns his top warrior, Rayven Stone, to retrieve her.


Desiree Black is the fiery haired demon with stunning emerald eyes Rayven can’t resist. And the one thing he never expected to do was to fall in love.


Returning to present day meant protecting Desiree from the cruel demon leader who vows to punish her for disobeying him. What will Rayven have to do to save her?


It’s angel versus demon. Who will emerge the victor?

© 2017 Created By The Circle of The Red Scorpion

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